People ask me about art often, & I kind of smile because my story of art is pretty remarkable, even for me…a man who’s been blessed to have lived an already remarkable life.

It’s my belief that we are either born humble or we are born to be humbled…either way we all die & move on as humble people.

Now I was born to be humbled, I sort of knew this was coming all my life, this great lesson where God finally tires of our behaviour & runs out of patience with our selfish behaviour.

I tried to dodge this process, I hid & I ran from it for years, but ultimately I was caught, captured & taught the biggest and most important lessons I’d ever learn in my life.

Once this transformation started, everything happened so quickly & I was left on my knees looking into the night & asking for forgiveness.

Everything happened from January 2020 & the message came from a beautiful angel, the most wonderful person I’ve ever met & my true love, who taught me everything I needed to know.

Sometimes the lessons were the most painful & other times the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever been through.

I knew she was the only person who I’d ever met, or will meet, capable of teaching me & showing me & teaching me such beautiful & important lessons.

I was forever humbled & changed into a good man, these emotions & feelings were so powerful that I was literally turned into an artist, because I had to express these great feelings & emotions, as a result of my heart being flooded with such true love.

So the art on these pages is created as a result of both my love for this wonderful lady & also the love that she once felt for me.
My unconditional love for her carries on, guiding me every day & everywhere, as a humble man.

Even though we don’t correspond anymore she’s still the most important person I’ve ever met in my life & she will forever be the ‘Cola Kid’.